Cartel-clock - Louis XVI


Pair of figures - Louis XV


Pair of wall-lights - Louis XIV


Panels cabinet - Louis XVI


A pair of girandoles - Louis XV


Table - Louis XV


Chandelier - Louis XIV


Chandelier - Louis XIV


Chandelier - Louis XVI


Large German chandelier - Louis XIV


A pair of ewers - Louis XV


Secretary - Louis XVI


Clock - Louis XVI


Fire-dogs - Louis XVI


Mirror - Louis XVI


Console - Louis XVI


Wall-lights - Louis XVI


Armchair - Louis XVI


Cabinets à doucine - Louis XV


Corner cupboarders - Louis XV


Wall-light - Louis XV


Vase - Louis XV


Inkstand - Louis XIV


Candelabras - Louis XIV


Selection of Furniture and Objets d'Art of the 18th century, from the Kraemer Gallery since 1875, now in museums.

Kraemer au J.Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles