Exceptional Works

18th-century masterpieces and exceptional contemporary works of art are displayed side by side in the various rooms of our Gallery.

Some of the artworks presented here have continued their journey with other art enthusiasts and collectors, while others are still on display here.

Below are some of the artworks you can admire when visiting our Gallery.
This selection is a preview of our much larger collection, which can be admired on site.

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Commode en laque polychrome de Coromandel, Louis XV

Chest of drawers made of Coromandel,
Stamped by Jean Holthausen (Master Cabinetmaker in 1764).
Louis XV era.

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Chiselled, gilded bronze clock - Louis XVI era
Created by Antoine Coliau, Master Cabinetmaker in Paris in 1770.

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À la tronchin architect table. - XVIII century
By DAVID ROENTGEN (not signed).
Mahogany and mahogany veneering.

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Chest of drawers polychrome lacquer - Louis XV era
& Fernand Léger (1881 - 1955)
Composition Monumentale 1938

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Two exceptional chairs - Louis XVI era
Rashid Johnson 2014

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Rare chest of drawers - Louis XVI era
Pierre Soulages,1991

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Grand canapé à châssis en bois sculpté et mouluré. Attribué à Jean-Jacques Pothier (Maître Menuisier en 1750) - Époque Louis XV.

Large chassis - Louis XV era
Bedroom Painting #17
Tom Wesselmann, 1968-1970

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Exceptional desk furniture, Louis XIV period
Almost identical piece of furniture is in the Royal Collection at Windsor Castle.

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Rare marquetry cabinet - Louis XIV era,
"Volume Nero",
Dadamaino, 1959.

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Meuble de Pioniez,Cabinet et un secrétaire à cylindre, meuble de rangement à portes et encoignures latérales.estampillé de Pierre Pioniez (Maître Ébéniste en 1765).XVIIIème siècle.Provenance : collection Fabre.&Paul-Elie Gernez (1888 - 1948)La plage de Deauville (1928)Pastel

Furniture piece by Pioniez - Louis XV era,
La plage de Deauville
Paul-Elie Gernez, 1928.

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dona 4 (2)

Louis XV-style console table,
Donna Huanca, Lymphatic Pulses, 2021