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A long and wonderful relationship
with the Nissim de Camondo Museum

The museum Nissim de Camondo opened in 1936.

Since 1985, the generosity of numerous patrons, like the Kraemer family, has enabled the restoration of the main rooms, while the work on the building itself is being financed by the State.

Restoration work is currently being carried out mainly in the service rooms and outbuildings.
The kitchen was opened to the public in 1999 and Nissim de Camondo’s apartment in 2004.
The Hôtel de Camondo, previously in the inventory of listed buildings, was classified a historic monument in 2005.

A long and beautiful story

The Galerie Kraemer maintains a special relationship with the Camondo Museum.
This famous family of art collectors were neighbors, clients and friends.

So much so that we were honored and moved to write these few words to them:

Dear members of the Camondo family,
Our two families met at the beginning of the 20th Century.

We are more than neighbors at 43 and 63 rue de Monceau in Paris.
Ties of friendship are woven between collector and antiques dealer.

Your family, and our great great grandparents, great grandparents and grandparents, inspired and created a legendary art of living.
Thank you for continuing the family traditions of generosity and humanity wherever you have gone.

Thank you for having been great supporters of France and patrons of French art.

We thank you for setting the example of great colectors from your era to ours.

We humbly thank you for having contributed to the rise of the house of Kraemer which is honored today to participate in the restoration of your beautiful residence.

With thanks to the Camondos,

The Kraemer family