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The Galerie Kraemer

As seen by…

Karl Lagerfeld

«For high quality 18th-century pieces, the Galerie Kraemer is my favourite».

Le Monde.


Peter Marino

Patrick Hourcade
Artist and artistic director

“Karl Lagerfeld and I would walk in to the rue de Monceau townhouse, barely concealing our impatience. Kraemer was a world where the unexpected rubbed shoulders with incredible treasures, a world of curiosities. As Karl used to say to me, ‘At the Kraemer townhouse, there’s always something to see’”.

Patrick Hourcade.


Peter Marino

Architect and designer from New York

“I had to sell two of my children to pay for this,”

he humorously recalls about the day he bought a Louis XVI chest of drawers for his own contemporary flat.

ForbesLife, Forbes.

Laure de Beauvau Craon
Chairwoman of Sotheby’s France

“They are the epitome of respectability  and reliability”.

House of Treasures W.



Susan Gutfreund
Art collector

“whether you’re buying a chest of drawers or a candlestick, they will talk to you in the same way”.

House of Treasures W.



A client who appreciates beauty

“In the end, Mr Kraemer, you never sold me anything, it was always me who bought things from you”.

La Saga des Kraemer.
Point de Vue.


Gillian Wilson
Former curator at the Getty Museum

“The Kraemer family is extremely discreet and always reminds us that they are not supposed to talk about the things we buy from them”.

Gillian Wilson has contributed a number of fine pieces from the Galerie Kraemer to the Getty Museum’s collection.

Mark Hampton
Interior designer

“They never pressure you,
they simply let the object convince you.”


São Schlumberger
Art collector

“When my husband and I were furnishing our house, we bought several things from the Kraemers and thought the prices were terribly high. But when I decided to sell them, I sold each piece for more than we’d paid for it, so I can’t complain.”

House of Treasures W.


Boni de Castellane
(ed. Emmanuel de Waresquiel)
Art collector

“Everything had changed in George Gould’s house since my last trip to America. Lowengard and Kraemer,
who were well-known antique dealers, had visited him and had placed a number of valuable objects in his home, including a large set of seats covered with
Casanova tapestry that I had
once seen in Valençay.”

Boni de Castellane’s memoirs,
Emmanuel de Waresquiel.

Joseph Achkar et Michel Charrière
Interior architects

« The great Kraemer tradition that has lived on since the 19th century. ».




Jacques Garcia
Interior Designer

« Memories of my teenage years come back to me, when I was a young student who was passionate about the 18th century, coming from a world where extreme luxury did not exist.
Reaching the unattainable is what generations of Kraemers enable, as do other great Parisian merchants, by showing these wonders with such kindness and simplicity as to let us believe that all this is indeed accessible.
They all help me remember this phrase by Daniel Boulanger: “To rise is to lift oneself up from not much. I believe in the sonnet, the cantata, the Sistine.” ».

Pierre Assouline

“Here, at 43 rue de Monceau, the Kraemer townhouse acts as a setting that is as important as the jewel it holds; but when the latter leaves its mooring to travel elsewhere, you can rest assured that it will go on to live another life and shine with a new sparkle. When they arrive, visitors are welcomed in person by a Kraemer family member. For Olivier, Laurent, Mikael, Sandra and Alain, giving visitors a warm welcome is an expression of the style of the Maison.”