Barometer that belonged to the Dauphin of France (the future king of France Louis XIV) – Louis XVI era

Sculptor: Jean-Joseph Lemaire. Mechanism: Jean-Baptiste Toré

Donated by Mr. Arturo Lopez-Willshaw and Baron Alexis de Rédé
Château de Versailles.

This gilded walnut barometer is a prime example of expert craftsmanship. A rooster surrounded by bay leaves sits on top of the face. The bottom of the clock features a child who symbolises military engineering. Objects representing Justice, Strength and Unity can also be found on this barometer. The eagle, which is highlighted by the two Erotes, is reminiscent of the archduchess’ coat of arms.
This barometer might be a reference to the marriage of the future King of France Louis XVI with the future Queen, Marie-Antoinette d’Autriche.

This large barometer was made by Jean-Joseph Lemaire and was commissioned by the Menus-Plaisirs. This organisation was in charge of the royal ceremonies and would manage the scientific and musical instruments that were used in the royal apartments.