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Arched desk with its filing cabinet and marquetry work – Louis XV style

Arched desk with its filing cabinet featuring marquetry work, adorned with engraved, gilded bronze ornaments.
Stamped by Joseph BAUMHAUER.

Wrightsman Collection.

Provenance: Kraemer Gallery
Metropolitan Museum of Art
, New York.

Bureau cintré et son Cartonnier en marqueterie Époque Louis XV Estampille de Joseph BAUMHAUER.

This desk and filing cabinet were made by Joseph Baumhauer under the reign of Louis XV.

Filing cabinets were independent units meant to be placed atop desks. They are adorned with floral marquetry. The use of tulip, palisander, casuarina, and rosewood makes for beautiful contrasting hues. With this piece, Baumhauer remained true to his signature style, choosing to plate the floral marquetry in its entirety and using dark tones that stand out against a lighter background. The marquetry work is framed by beautifully crafted coiled bronze ornaments. The same goes for the large cartouche that sits on top of the cabinet doors, and for the ornaments on either side of the desk.