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Inkstand – Louis XIV era

Exceptionally rare inkstand made of chiselled, gilded bronze, with its implements (inkpot, powder holder, sponge box) and its two rectangular paperweights.

Provenance: Galerie Kraemer, 1975
J. Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles.

Encrier, Getty Muséum , LouisXIV

The tray is rectangular, with convex, rounded edges and bow-shaped, patterned sides.

It rests on four lion-clawed feet on each of the four angles. The elevated edges feature small mouldings and fluted patterns; they are adorned with a frieze that runs all around the piece. It is composed of small, alternating cabochons and pearls which are framed by intertwining patterns. The elaborate inkpots are baluster-shaped and feature gadrooning of varying sizes. The plating on the tray is made up of gold leaf covered with ground gold.