IN THE MUSEUMS : Musée du Louvre 

Large wall clock – Louis XV

Large wall clock made of chiselled, gilded bronze with an openwork design.

 It also features porcelain and flowers that were made in several workshops.
The face was signed “MOISY à Paris”.

Donated by Grog Carven.
Location: Louvre Museum.

This beautiful object is a large wall clock that was made during Louis XV’s reign. It was made in the Manufacture de Chantilly and the face is signed by Jean Moisy. The craftsmanship that went into the creation of this piece is very refined and original. It represents a Buddha made with oriental ceramic. This wall clock is a testament to the Grog-Carvens’ appreciation for 18th century pieces. They donated it to the Louvre in 1974.

The Manufacture de Chantilly was created in the 1730s by Colbert. He wanted to produce French porcelain pieces, to emulate the Chinese ones. The craftsmen created soft-paste porcelain because they did not have china clay to make it hard. The workshop opened when the Louis XV style started to be in fashion: it features intertwined painted flowers, leaves and birds. The “de petit feu” colour palette allowed the craftsmen to create soft, more precise colours. These porcelain pieces were then assembled with gilded bronze ornaments that can be found at the bottom.

This wall clock is a very detailed piece: the porcelain and the chiselling are stunning. The delicate leaves lend elegance to the object.