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Large wall clock – Louis XVI era

Large wall clock made of chiselled gilded bronze with a patina finish.
It features Erotes: one of them blows into the Pheme trumpet.
The face was signed by BECKERS
Circa 1765-1770

Donated by Grog-Carven.
Musée du Louvre, Paris.

Grand cartel d'applique en bronze ciselé, doré et patiné, à décor d'amours

This impressive wall clock is displayed in the Louvre Museum; it was donated by the Gorg-Carvens. It is exclusively made of bronze.

At the centre, the face is signed by Beckers. Its design is very original; the craftsman let his creativity loose and added movement to the piece. As the Eros is about to fall, he tries to hold on to the face. Meanwhile, another Eros standing at the top of the clock is blowing into the Pheme trumpet, as if he were addressing the sky. This piece is a prime example of the neoclassical style, featuring falling laurel and acanthus leaves. These small bronze characters with a patina finish add dynamism to the artwork and strongly contrast with the rest of the piece.