IN THE MUSEUMS : Château de Versailles 

Wall sconces made of chiselled gilded bronze – LOUIS XVI era

Location: Château de Versailles
Donated by the Kraemer family

Paire d’appliques en bronze ciselé et doré

These wall sconces feature five arms adorned with leaves. They reach all the way down to the spindle and feature a satyr’s head, which is surmounted by a little knot. At the bottom lies a wreath adorned with vines and grapes: it represents abundance.

The top part is surmounted by a delicate chiselled gilded knot. The satyr is a reference to Greek mythology. It is commonly associated with Dionysus, god of wine and pleasure. Some of Dionysus’ attributes, such as the vine wreath hanging with grapes, are represented here. Wine is also one of the satyr’s attributes.