IN THE MUSEUMS : J.Paul Getty Museum 

Two candelabras- Louis XIV era

Two four-armed candelabras, made of chiselled, gilded bronze

Attributed to André-Charles Boulle

Origin: Kraemer Gallery
Location: Getty Museum (Permanent loan from Doctor H. Woody Brock)

Paire de candélabres à quatre bras de lumière

Both candelabras rest on a triangular base where three sphinxes lie, each with its back connected to the central spindle with leaf-shaped designs. Next to them, there are cut-outs shaped like a lambrequin shell. They are supported by fluted feet. The spindle is decorated with coiling patterns and classical portraits. Each of the pieces features a central arm, along with three other arms placed around it, with ram-headed mascarons.

These two candelabras seem to have been created using a design by Jean Berain, who was a contemporary of André-Charles Boulle. This piece is reminiscent of the ones designed by Boulle in a series of drawings that were published by Mariette in Paris, in a collection entitled Nouveaux desseins de meubles et ouvrages de bronze et de marqueterie inventés et gravé par André-Charles Boulle, (New drawings representing furniture pieces as well as bronze and marquetry pieces created and engraved by André-Charles Boulle), circa 1707.