IN THE MUSEUMS : Musée Nissim de Camondo

Two gilded bronze wall barometers – LATE LOUIS XV era

Two gilded bronze wall barometers. Each features a barometer, a thermometer and a solar calendar.

By Charles du Tertre in Paris
Signature featured at the bottom of the thermometer: “Passemant au Louvre”
Réaumur thermometer

Origin: Kraemer Gallery
Location: Nissim de Camondo Museum

This instrument was used to measure atmospheric changes. It features a Réaumur barometer that uses mercury.
On the face, the measurements (in inches, with divided lines) reflect atmospheric conditions. One of the needles measures the pressure while the other is used to record former measurements.
The Réaumur thermometer features a numbered scale (5 by 5): 20-0-40. 0 refers to the temperature of ice.