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Andirons made of chiselled, gilded openwork bronze  – Louis XVI era

Probably made by Pithouin (Claude-Jean)

Donated by the Kraemer family
Château de Versailles

Paire de chenets, par Claude-Jean Pithouin époque LousXVI - Chateau de Versailles

Each of these andirons features a curved chassis resting on three curved feet. One of the feet is surmounted by a spindle adorned with garlands, on which a pine cone sits on a gadrooned tray. On the opposite side, the curved base features a lion’s head. It symbolises majesty and strength. It is framed by two pillars, each of which sports three netted patterns. At the top, a lyre sits on two hairy paws. It is adorned with intertwined laurel branches. This ancient musical instrument symbolises symphonies and harmony. At the top, the heads of two satyrs are connected to a frieze adorned with fruits and leaves. The lyre is surmounted by a pine cone.