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Bergère – Louis XVI

This bergère was carved, moulded and painted. By J. B. BOULARD

Label: “Chambres à coucher de Md Elisabeth à Montreuil, No 25”,
delivered in 1789 (from a set of 4 chairs and 2 bergères) for Madame Elisabeth’s property in Montreuil.

Donated by the Kraemer family.
Musée du Louvre, Paris.

Bergère Louis XVI
Bergère en bois sculpté LouisXVI (2), Musée du Louvre

Jean-Baptiste Boulard created numerous pieces of furniture that were intended for royal lodgings, mostly from 1777 onwards, when he was appointed as the King’s official Cabinetmaker-Carpenter. He was famous for his furniture, which was characteristic of the Louis XVI style.
This painted white beech bergère was crafted in 1788. It features tapestries that were made by Madame Elisabeth herself. This bergère, its matching twin and the other chairs that went with them were commissioned to match the exact measurements of the fittings. They were intended for a room in her Château de Montreuil, which is located near Versailles. The fittings were directly replicated according to the patterns on the wall hangings.
The design of Boulard’s artworks is simple yet its proportions are perfect. The fact that it was made for royalty makes it even more outstanding.