Chest of drawers

made of Coromandel polychrome lacquer, adorned with chiselled,
gilded bronze ornaments.
Stamped by Jean Holthausen (Master Cabinetmaker in 1764)
Louis XV era.
Provenance: Kraemer Gallery


Fernand Léger (1881 – 1955)

Composition Monumentale (1938)
65 x 54 cm, oil on painting

This selection is a dialogue across centuries. It features a painting made by Fernand Léger and a chest of drawers made by Jean Holthausen.
These two original pieces were made two centuries apart, and yet seem to blend together perfectly.
On either side, the shapes and contrasting shades create a unique, harmonious structure.
Both artists showcase their modern touch. The 18th-century cabinetmaker used lacquer with gilded piping. The 20th-century painter stands out as a cubist artist. At the time, art critics used the term “Tubism” to refer to his style.