IN THE MUSEUMS: Musée du Louvre 

Wooden table – Regency period – Louis XIV

Engraved, gilded wooden table, resting on 4 curving legs. The top is made of marble.

Donated by the Grog Carvens
Location : Musée du Louvre

Table en bois - Époque de la Régence - Louis XIV - Musée du Louvre

This Regency table dates back to the first quarter of the 18th century.

It was part of a collection donated by Mme Grog Carven. She was also known as Carmen de Tomaso. She was a fashion designer and became the founder of Maison Carven. She shared her passion for French 18th century art with her second husband, René Grog, a Swiss manufacturer. Their passion for art encouraged them to buy numerous pieces, such as china items and lacquered or marquetry furniture.

In 1973, she donated one hundred 18th-century works of art to the Louvre Museum. The museum opened a room named “Grog-Carven” as a tribute to her in 1997. This table is impressive; the gilded wood adds movement to the fretwork. The legs feature four characters. The marble top is adorned with delicate mouldings and makes this table even more outstanding.