IN THE MUSEUMS : Birmingham Museum of Art, Alabama 

Chest of drawers – Louis XV

Chest of drawers made with marquetry and adorned with chiselled gilded bronze ornaments.

Stamped by J. Dubois (Jacques Dubois,1694-1763).
Location: Birmingham Museum of Art, Alabama

Jacques Dubois’ excellent craftsmanship is clearly visible in this chest of drawers, which was made with marquetry and bronze detailing and which features two drawers. He used amaranth, rose, violet and satin wood veneering, making the most of their respective colours, natural patterns and aesthetics. The light-coloured bronze ornaments lend depth to the piece by contrasting with the darker marquetry work. Their asymmetrical leaf-shaped, flower-shaped and stone-shaped patterns twirl across the chest of drawers, forming a large cartouche pattern at the centre. Along the corners, there are bronze creepers running along long rods that reach down to the floor.
This chest of drawers is a prime example of Dubois’ flexible style; his name alone is evocative of precious 18th-century furniture pieces.