Louis XV-style console table,

A clock and two Louis XVI-style torches sit on this table
Provenance: Galerie Kraemer


Donna Huanca

Lymphatic Pulses, 2021
150 x 113 cm (59 x 44 inches)
Painting-Oil, sand on digital print on canvas

This selection is a blend between different eras and cultures. A work of art made by the young American artist Donna Huanca overhangs a Louis XV-style console table. A clock and two Louis XVI-style torches are sitting on it.
Donna Huanca is an artist of Bolivian descent who was born in Chicago in 1980. She creates vivid paintings and uses different types of art mediums. She created a painting that blends together different techniques. She used a digital print she made in 2021 based on a photograph she took. She mixed oil paint with sand. Cobalt blue is typical of her style.
Her canvas looks right at home next to this delicate clock, which is alludes to “The sacrifices we make for love”, a topic which 18th-century artists loved to depict.
The clock is surrounded by two torches which contrast with the curves that characterise the other pieces.