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Two sculpted, moulded, painted wood armchairs – Louis XVI era

Stamped “George Jacob”

Provenance: galerie Kraemer
.J. Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles.

George JACOB was one of the greatest joiners under the reign of Louis XVI; he obtained his degree in 1765. His work was commissioned many times by the likes of Queen Marie-Antoinette, the Comte de Provence and the Comte d’Artois, who were the brothers of Louis XVI, German and English princes (including the Prince of Wales, who later became George IV), the King of Sweden and Russian princes, to cite just a few.

The back of these armchairs is rectangular; it is framed by a row of pearls. Two columns with thin, braided fluting stand on either side. They are surmounted by leaf-shaped details and two geometric pedestals. Two small balusters sit on the top angles.