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Lafayette’s restaurant,

a place that spans the ages

For several weeks now, a selection of works of art from our gallery has been exhibited in the sumptuous period rooms of Lafayette’s restaurant, 8 rue d’Anjou, Paris 8, recently inaugurated.

A restaurant… but also a place and an 18th century decor available to us, recreated by the talented architect and designer, Lázaro Rosa-Violán.
The famous chef Mory Sacko delights us with his French and contemporary cuisine with influences from the American and African continents…[


Living rooms designed by decorator Lázaro Rosa-Violán.

The architect of Lafayette’s created a tailor-made setting to revive the listed residence of the Hôtel Mazin, which belonged to the famous Marquis de Lafayette, by keeping the historical elements and making them coexist with modern objects.


The restaurant is made up of a series of lounges, each with a strong identity: the Salle d’Armes, the Musique, Lafayette and Pompadour lounges. And very close to the kitchens, a very beautiful room that can be privatized and can accommodate around ten guests, with a lively decor of pots and porcelain dishes.

To enhance the decoration while maintaining the conviviality of the Lafayette era, the restaurant teamed up with Galerie Kraemer.

Lázaro Rosa-Violán was able to draw inspiration from the rich collections housed in our Parisian mansion. The decorator has therefore selected a few exceptional pieces to embody the 18th century roots of this unique place.

You can find a selection of the works exhibited by Galerie Kraemer by visiting the page dedicated to this wonderful collaboration